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Migraines: Find Relief, Naturally.

Did you know that more people suffer from migraines than diabetes and asthma combined? Or that migraines are the third most common disease in the world? Do you, yourself, experience migraines?

If you’re nodding your head, you know the desperate pining for relief from the excruciating and debilitating pain. You know the disappointment of having to cancel plans to seclude yourself for what could be days on end, and the frustration when you’re asked if you’ve “taken a Tylenol” by someone that has never experienced this level of headache.

Maybe you’ve tried prescription drugs, restrictive diets, and stress-reducing tactics to try warding them off. Hopefully, you’ve found something that works for you, but if not, are you still seeking a solution? What if there was a natural way available to you that may help reduce your symptoms?

We pulled together some of our favorite natural remedies for migraines for you to try next time you feel one coming on:

  • Book a massage (with a focus on shoulders/neck).
  • Experiment with acupressure (learn how HERE).
  • Practice yoga (ideally daily).
  • Add a magnesium supplement.
  • Ginger – it’s not just for nausea!
  • Avoid processed foods and alcohol.
  • Consume CBD topically or orally.

Yes, CBD may be able to help with THIS, too! Try applying our RELAX Roll-On to your temples, which combines CBD with the powerful essential oil of lavender. If lavender isn’t your thing, you could try using our All-in-One Tincture either orally OR topically to deliver the CBD right where it’s needed most.

Sidenote: As you know by now, we are not doctors, so you may find it helpful to read the results from a medial study HERE. As always, we recommend you speak with your doctor before beginning a new wellness supplement. We also have our monthly webinars available to you at no cost with Dr. Talleyrand. Register for the next one HERE and get all of your questions answered!

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