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An Open Letter to the People Who Want to Reduce High Blood Pressure but Don’t Know Where to Start

Scientific research is essential when it comes to using natural compounds like CBD to treat medical conditions like hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure. That’s why we are glad to see more scientific research is being conducted every day.

CBD can reduce hypertension in a single dose. Now, we understand that’s a bold claim to make, but medical scientists are publishing studies that prove just that. The test results concluded that it is possibly because of the analgesic and anxiolytic effects of CBD using it can reduce resting blood pressure.

If you ask around, the most common response to How can I lower my blood pressure? Is (come on, you know. You don’t? Okay, I will tell you) eat healthily & exercise. Of course, it is essential to make healthy eating choices and get off the tushie every once in a while, but there is another way to reduce hypertension easily.

CBD (cannabidiol) can reduce your blood pressure quite quickly (provided you know your ideal dosage size and frequency). While you may not feel physical symptoms of high blood pressure, over time, you can experience depression and stress related to living with a chronic condition.


How Does Hypertension Affect the Body?

High blood pressure is a silent attacker that wreaks havoc on your body for many years before you may see or feel physical symptoms. Heart attacks, life-threatening disabilities, and overall low quality of life are the most significant risks. The 5 main areas in your body hypertension effects are:


Fragile blood vessels are affected by hypertension. If they are damaged, it could result in nerve damage, blood vessel damage, and fluid buildup due that causes blurred vision. Eye blood vessels that are damaged can cause complete loss of vision.


High blood pressure increases the flow of blood in your arteries, which can cause damage to cells in your arteries and over time cause an aneurysm. Aneurysms may form in an artery in any part of the body and cause internal bleeding.


Hypertension causes damage to the blood vessels in your kidneys which causes many forms of kidney diseases. These diseases can worsen with the addition of high blood pressure. Kidney scarring, artery aneurysm, and failure are all potential health risks caused by weakened arteries (damaged by hypertension).


If you don’t control your high blood pressure, your heart will be damaged. Just a friendly reminder: your heart pumps blood to your entire body. Enlarged heart, coronary disease (again, caused by a damaged artery), and total heart failure are all effects of the strain that hypertension causes on your heart.


Another friendly reminder, this lovely organ also needs a wholesome blood supply to function optimally (oh yeah, and even to survive). Dementia, early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, and stroke are all potential risks of neglecting high blood pressure.


CBD Heals From Inside Out, Including Treating High Blood Pressure Symptoms

Within our body, we possess a (magical) system called the ECS (the Endocannabinoid System). Cannabis/Hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD have the same effect on our ECS as our CB receptors that we produce do.

While we focus solely on CBD, there are hundreds of known cannabinoids, each with their own effects. The first significant break-through for CBD regarding its potential ability to treat glaucoma shows that it reduces pressure.

This was, of course, ocular pressure in the optic nerve, but if CBD can reduce pressure in the nervous system, could it lower blood pressure in other vital systems within our body?The study mentioned above notes that CBD reduces high blood pressure in human trials. CBD can widen your arteries and blood vessels, which allows for your blood to flow with ease.

CBD is also known for its neuroprotectant abilities, easing the symptoms of those with cardiovascular diseases or in recovery from a heart attack and stroke.

Here’s the Easy Way to Use CBD for Your High Blood Pressure

Learning about what CBD is and how it can benefit you is a step in the direction of balance. I say balance because the endocannabinoid system within you may be working overtime to restore balance to other vital systems in your body – including your cardiovascular system.

Incorporating a CBD oil, or any CBD product for that matter, in your daily schedule is a great weapon to have when fighting high blood pressure. We recommend our All In One Tincture, taken daily.*

There is an extensive (and overwhelming) amount of information on the internet regarding CBD, and that’s why we prioritize providing you with a high level of education. What type of CBD should I use, how much should I take, and other common questions are answered in Resource Center, where you can find Our Simple Guide to CBD and other helpful resources. We’re here to simplify your CBD experience. No Junk. No BS.

Do you have experience or a success story using CBD to aid in blood pressure struggles? Please share with us! Email us at [email protected] and tell us all about it.

*As always, please check with your doctor before adding CBD to a medical regimen. 

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