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More than a Medicine: The Many Uses of Hemp

With Earth Day less than a week away, we figured this is a great time to share all the amazing uses of hemp aside from CBD. Earth Day is a time when we reflect on our planet, and (hopefully) to do something positive for it. While we believe every day is Earth Day, April 21rst is the world’s biggest environmental movement.

There is no other plant on planet Earth that is more useful than hemp. For thousands of years, the human race has utilized hemp to make medicine, fuel, food, fabric, and building materials.

Believe it or not, hemp is a viable alternative to petroleum and plastic products as well as gasoline. With the help of hemp, we can depend less on costly fossil fuels and reduce our pollution impact on our planet.

Hemp 101

For nearly two hundred years in the U.S (1775-1937) hemp was king of all the crops. It was also mandatory for some states to grow hemp. While hemp still grows wildly in the U.S today, cannabis laws in the U.S prevented farmers from cultivating hemp.

Both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington grew hemp, used hemp products, and boasted about this multifaceted crop.

Today, there is no other naturally growing resource that can match hemp’s potential. Think of this: it can take decades before a tree is mature enough to be harvested for paper or wood. A hemp crop is ready for harvest in a meager 4 months (120 days).


Aside from the therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes hemp is known for, there are many beneficial oils in hemp like omega-3s. Many body care products like lotions, shampoo, and cosmetics contain harsh chemicals and even petroleum. Hemp is a natural alternative and is becoming a very popular ingredient in self-care products.

Building Materials

Home building materials like shingles, pipes, paint, paneling, and foundations can be made with hemp instead of wood and other building materials. The modern approach to home-building has taken a step back in time. We are now seeing concrete alternatives like Hempcrete taking center stage.

Nutrition & Food

There are many culinary uses and nutritional benefits of consuming hemp oil and hemp seeds. Hemp is great for animals too. Fishermen in Europe use hemp seed to bait fish. As for birds, they too prefer hempseed to plain-jane bird seeds.

Nutritious and delicious hemp seeds are a great source of dietary fiber, protein, and minerals. It is the only plant on our planet that contains all amino and fatty acids that our body requires to function optimally.

When we consume these nutrients, it can positively affect many parts of our body like the brain, metabolism, skin, behavior, heart, and our mood.

Fabric & Rope

Hemp is used to make many fabric types. While it is similar to cotton in texture, hemp is much more durable. Fun fact: the word canvas is a Latin word for hemp. You know your Levi jeans? They were originally made from hemp. Oh yeah, and the first American flag? That was made from hemp too!

When it comes to rope, hemp’s fiber is water-resistant, flexible, and durable. Hemp played a crucial role in the fishing and shipping tirades because you can make nets, sails, riggings, and ropes


For thousands of years, people have made paper from hemp. It makes a durable paper that is of high quality and naturally free of acid. Unlike normal paper, it does not become brittle or yellow over time.

Trees can take up to three decades before they are harvestable. That’s why hemp is a great material for making paper. Hemp can literally save the forests of the world.

On A Final Note

Hemp is a multifaceted plant that can positively impact our planet in many ways. You may be asking yourself how can I celebrate Earth Day? It’s simple! Turn off everything electronic, unplug the tv, avoid the car, recycle, practice yoga outside, and our personal favorite: get planting!

Written By: Heather Burton