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How Can CBD Relieve Hangovers?

Source: Pass Health Foods

Office parties and weekly gatherings with your friends and family are a lot of fun, but all too easy to chug far too many drinks while enjoying the moment. What follows is the inevitable case of a hangover, which can arrive in the form of a migraine, nausea, or uneasiness in your stomach. 

Once the effect of alcohol reduces in your system, your body reacts to it in different ways causing a hangover. For some individuals, it can be mild, but for others, it can derail their whole schedule for a day. CBD or cannabidiol that is extracted from cannabis plants can help cure your hangover miraculously. Just a few drops of it can get you up and running after a whole night of partying.

CBD oil is used medically to cure a number of different ailments. It can provide relief from body pain and headaches, improve your mood with its neuroprotective properties, and also enhance your immune system. 

There are various hangover cures and home remedies that you can utilize, but CBD oil provides an effective solution to reduce the common symptoms after a bad hangover. It also alleviates stress and gets you recharged for another busy day.

CBD can be bliss for your hangover in the following ways:

CBD Reduces Migraines 

The Endocannabinoid System of your body has receptors that trigger migraines. They activate when you have too much alcohol in your system. CBD will enter this system and reduces any inflammatory properties that can cause headaches. CBD oil is especially useful for people suffering from chronic migraines because it fills the gap of any endocannabinoid deficiency in your body and reduces your pain in no time.

CBD Reduces Nausea

You can feel nauseous after consuming too much alcohol. Apart from staying hydrated to curb the feeling of vomiting, you can intake CBD which activates the CB1 and CB2 receptors of your Endocannabinoid System to stop your body from vomiting out the alcohol. It may diminish any form of discomfort to a great extent.

CBD Cuts the Alcohol Toxicity 

Lately, many individuals have started mixing alcohol with CBD to ensure that it does not cause any toxic harm to your body. Consumption of alcohol can either affect your body through pain and nausea, or it can affect your internal organs with damage and subsequent failure. If alcohol is mixed with a small dosage of CBD, it may prevent the occurrence of a hangover.

CBD Eases Pain

Sometimes pharmaceuticals are not good enough to relieve the pain induced from external or internal injuries of your body. A night of drinking can blur an individual’s conscious or get them drunk to the point where they unknowingly injure themselves. CBD can reduce the pain which might not be curable instantly through doctor recommended medicines. 

What is the correct dosage of CBD?

You can consume CBD in numerous ways. The most common form is tinctures. The level of dosage ranges from mild to severe, which can be regulated to suit your needs.

While the consumption of the CBD oil may show its effect in a minute or so, vaping CBD would also trigger the neurons in your body in a short span of time. 

The amount of dosage for a medium level of CBD taken orally can be determined by the weight of an individual, as mentioned below – 

  1. Between 40 to 70 kgs: 15 mg
  2. Between 70 to 110 kgs: 22-25 mg
  3. Above 110 kgs: 30 mg

Final Thoughts

So the next time you step out drinking, you should carry a bottle of All-in-One Tincture! CBD can improve your health and keep your anxiety at bay. It is a very useful product not just for your occasional hangovers but also in stimulating your mood and diet among other things to improve your life drastically.

Written by: Heather Burton