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Frequently Asked Questions


These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please consult your healthcare professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requires this notice.

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What is CBD?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol. CBD is a cannabinoid that works within your body’s Endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoids are essentially chemical transmitters that interact with receptors, like a lock interacts with a key!
There are two types of cannabinoids: endocannabinoids, “endo” coming from the Greek root “endon’”, meaning within or inside. Endocannabinoids are cannabinoids that are made within your body. Then there are phytocannabinoids. “Phyto”, coming from the Greek root “phyton-“, meaning plant or vegetation, phytocannabinoids are cannabinoids that are made within plants. Rooted Lyfe products are all made with phytocannabinoids, cannabinoids that we extract from the hemp plant. These two forms of cannabinoid are essentially the same. Structurally there is no difference between them, no matter where they come from. When someone is deficient in endocannabinoids, they can supplement with phytocannabinoids.

What are the benefits of using CBD?

There is an incredible list of benefits from using CBD. Some of our favorites reported by customers are:
  • Manage Stress
  • Boost Creativity
  • Extend Patience
  • Promote Radiant Skin
  • Anti-Aging Properties
  • Calm Racing Thoughts
  • Encourage Restful Sleep
  • Increase Energy Levels
  • Mood Enhancer
  • Regulate Circadian Rhythm

How much CBD should I take?

This is a tough question. At this time, there is no reliable way to figure out the ideal dose for any one person without some trial and error. Everyone’s Endocannabinoid System and metabolism are different, so what works for your friend may not work for you.
We recommend starting low and slow. More is not always better when it comes to CBD, so starting around 5-10mg a day is the best way to go about finding an appropriate dose for you. Give this a try for about a week and then assess. Do you feel a difference? Are you experience the relief you had hoped for? If not, we’d recommend increasing your dose by 5mg a day and giving it another week. Repeat this process until you feel you’ve reached an ideal dose.
The best way to keep track of your experience is to use our free Progress Tracking Journal. It’s free to print and comes with clear instructions. Using the journal will help you to be aware of what’s important and will provide you with a week’s worth of data to look over. This data is very helpful in deciding whether or not to increase/decrease your dose.

What time of day should I take my CBD?

This answer is different for everyone. The time of day that you take your CBD will not increase or decrease its effectiveness as long as you are taking it daily. So, some people choose to take it before bed to promote a good night’s sleep. For others, CBD can make one feel awake and mentally stimulated, making it hard to sleep. Again, trial and error is key. What we would definitely suggest is taking your first couple of doses at home during a time that you don’t have to leave the house. Sometimes, if the dose is higher than your body needs, you may feel sleepy; so it’s best to not have to drive the first couple of tries.
On the other hand, if you aren’t taking CBD daily, you may find that taking it before an exam or other important event can help to promote mental clarity and increased concentration.

Can I use CBD for _________?

Here’s the thing: CBD is not a cure-all. It has amazing potential to aid with many ailments and illnesses, but it won’t work for absolutely everything. We always recommend giving it a try, as you’ll more than likely notice extra benefits you weren’t expecting, but we can’t guarantee that it will work for your specific ailment/illness.

How do I know how much CBD is in a dropper?

This number is easily found with the following equation:
Total CBD Milligrams / Total Milliliter Amount of Tincture
= Milligrams of CBD per Milliliter of CBD Oil.
For example, we’ve plugged in the necessary information below to figure out how much CBD is in one dropper of our 1,000mg All In One Tincture:
1,000mg CBD / 30 mL Tincture
= 33 mg CBD per 1 mL Tincture
Our droppers are standard 1mL droppers, so this formula gives you the amount per dropper of tincture.

Where do you source your CBD/hemp oil from?

Our CBD is derived from hemp grown organically in Colorado, USA – seed to bottle. Every hemp plant is grown free from pesticides, GMO’s, and heavy metals. By using hemp that is grown in a state that has legalized cannabis, both medicinally and recreationally, we choose hemp grown under the highest standards.

Will your products get me high?

Absolutely not. THC is the cannabinoid that creates the “high” feeling. Our products always fall beneath .3% THC by volume, making them federally legal in the United States. Because there is so little THC in our products, they will not cause a “high”.

Why is my tincture a different scent/flavor/color than the last time I purchased it?

This is because each batch of tincture uses a different CBD extraction. Though these extractions are sourced from the same hemp fields, the final product will differ slightly every time. Rest assured that this is completely normal and that your tincture will still have the correct amount of CBD in it.

Can I take CBD with my medication?

Unfortunately, we can’t answer this question for you. We are not medical professionals and want to ensure our customers have the best and safest experience possible. To be safe, you should talk to your doctor about adding CBD to your medical regimen.

How long does it take to start working?/How long until I feel a difference?

Again, the answer to this question is different for everybody. Because the Endocannabinoid System and metabolism differ so wildly from person to person, some may feel a difference right away while others may need up to a month to start to feel the effects.

Is CBD legal in the US?

Ours is, yes. Hemp-derived CBD that tests with less than .3% THC by volume is federally legal in the United States.

What is the Endocannabinoid System?

The ECS is a system made up of a series of transmitters and receptors located all throughout the body. Click here to read our blog post about the Endocannabinoid System.

What are terpenes?

Click here to check out our blog article, dedicated to this topic.

Will your products cause me to fail a drug test?

It is highly unlikely that our products will cause a false positive on a drug test because of how low the THC levels are. But, we don’t want to make any promises we can’t absolutely keep. We can’t guarantee you’ll pass every test out there, so CBD products should be used with discretion when it comes to drug tests.

Can I overdose on CBD?

Nope! CBD doesn’t do any harm in high doses. The most common side effect linked to taking a high dose of CBD (100+mg) is sleepiness.

What are CBD's most common side effects?

The most commonly reported side effects linked to CBD consumption are:
  • Sleepiness
  • Headache
  • Dry Mouth
  • Dizziness
Luckily, CBD doesn’t come with a laundry list of negative side effects, like most pharmaceutical medications.

Do you independently test your products?

We sure do! We send each and every batch of each and every product to be third party lab tested before it hits the shelves. The test results are always available for viewing in our Resource Center.

Is your CBD derived from Hemp or Marijuana?

Our CBD is always hemp-derived from hemp grown organically in Colorado, USA. Our hemp is always free of pesticides, GMO’s, and heavy metals. Check out our certificates of analysis in our Resource Center for further assurance.

What is the difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

Hemp and Marijuana are both types of the cannabis plant. Though they are both cannabis, they each have some distinct differences that set them apart both physically and legally.
Cannabis can be classified as either Indica or Sativa (Cannabis being the taxonomic Genus, while Indica or Sativa are the taxonomic Species). Marijuana can be considered a member of the Indica or Sativa species, while Hemp is ONLY considered to be a Sativa.
Legally speaking, the difference between Hemp and Marijuana is THC content. Hemp must be less than .3% THC to be federally legal in the United States. Anything over that percentage is legally considered Marijuana.
Physically, marijuana has broad leaves, dense flower, and is short in stature. Hemp has thin leaves that are concentrated toward the top of the plant, which is tall and skinny.

Why should I use Full or Broad-Spectrum products instead of isolate products?

Full or broad spectrum products are fundamentally better than isolate products because they provide the Entourage Effect. We have an entire blog article dedicated to this subject, take a look at “Cannabinoid Synergy: The Entourage Effect” to learn more in detail. To sum up the difference, imagine you have a full team of basketball players (full/broad spectrum) playing against a team comprised of one single player (isolate). The full-sized team is gonna play a better game, right? That’s the best way to describe the full/broad spectrum difference. The cannabinoids and terpenes in full/broad spectrum extractions work together synergistically to create a more effective product.

How much oil do your droppers hold?

Our droppers are standard 1mL droppers.

CBD for Pets FAQ's

Is your tincture safe for pets?

Our All In One Tincture was formulated with pets in mind, as well as people! It is safe to give to dogs, cats, and other pets because it’s ingredients are so minimal. In fact, we even have a Pet Tincture Dosing Guide available in our Resource Center for your reference.

How should I administer a tincture to my pet?

Here are a few ways to add to your pets diet:
  • Administer under their tongue
  • To their water
  • On their treats or in their food

How much CBD should I give my pet?

We’ve created a special dosing guide just for this purpose! Click here to check it out.

Shipping & Ordering FAQ's

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

What shipping carrier do you use?

We ship all of our packages by USPS.

My shipping address is wrong, can I change it?

Yes, you can. If you incorrectly entered your shipping address at the time of checkout send us a message as soon as possible and we will update it for you. You can email us at [email protected] or use our chat feature on our website to send us a message. We will only be able to fix your shipping address if you message us before it ships out, so let us know as quickly as you can!

How long will it take to process my order?

Our fulfillment team strives to process orders within three business days. That’s from packing to shipping.

How long will it take for my package to arrive?

Depending on where you live, delivery time may take longer, but our packages generally take 3-5 days to arrive once shipped.

Can I track my order?

Yes, you can! When your order is shipped you will receive a tracking email when your package is shipped.

What should I do if my order arrives with damaged/missing items?

Let us know immediately! We’ll just need you to email us at [email protected] with a picture of each damaged item and the included packing slip.
Once we receive this information we’ll send you a replacement, free of charge.

Where do you ship?

We ship all throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

My card is declining, what should I do?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any access to your payments. If your card is declining we would recommend contacting your bank or lender to see what is going on. In the mean time, you could try using a different card.

How do I cancel my order?

To cancel your order, email us immediately at [email protected] so that we can manually cancel your order and refund you. If your order has shipped before you cancel it you will be responsible for both delivery and return shipping and handling costs.

Can I return my order once it arrives?

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase of your product, please contact us within 7 days of the date you receive your purchase at [email protected] To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused, unopened, and in the same condition that you received it.  Items that have been opened will not be eligible for return or refund. Rooted Lyfe will not refund shipping costs associated with delivery. Return shipping costs will be the responsibility of the purchaser unless otherwise agreed upon.

My tracking says my shipment has arrived, but I have not received it. Where is it?

We utilize the USPS for all of our shipping. Unfortunately, lost packages happen. Once your package is mailed, the USPS is responsible for its location and delivery. If your order appears online as “completed” but you’ve not yet received it, check your package’s tracking number. The USPS offers free tracking here for all of our packages. Often times, your mail carrier has missed you and your package is waiting at the post office. If you have not received a tracking number, please use our live chat feature, located at the bottom right of your browser, to let us know. Please reach out to the USPS directly to resolve an issue of package tracking. However, if your package is ultimately not received, please do let us know.